Alutiiq Day RA in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day RA

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Job Description

Responsible for a professional level of student support to ensure an increased student demonstration of Career Success Standards and other pertinent skills, leading to students’ orderly separation from the Job Corps program.

Key Responsibilities:

Provides staff supervision of student living areas at levels that ensure the safety, security, and accountability of students at all times: Ensures dormitory supplies are ordered, received and disseminated as needed. Monitors students that are assigned to the residential area during the day shift. Responsible for students’ entrance and exit from the residential living program such as new enrollees, students changing residential status and students separating from the program as it relates to inventory, keys, welcome kits, residential contracts, new folders, shipment/storage of items, etc. Makes minor repairs to residential areas to ensure equipment and living area is safe and secure. Institutes and submits corrective action plans for improvement in quality service in the residential area. Liaison for Center to the residential area during the day shift.

Provides support to the prime and midnight shift activities: Monitors the cafeteria during the breakfast and lunch meals as required. Ensures students are dressed appropriately for the training day and leisure time activities. Monitors students’ accountability and their demonstration of the Career Success Standards.

Ensures that residences are attractive, clean, and safe and in good repair: Dormitory inspections are required to meet or exceed expectations consistently. Environmental Health Inspections must average 90% or above. Work orders are completed in a timely manner to ensure all furniture, equipment, etc., is in good repair. Ensures that work submitted through a work order is completed. Documents relevant information in dorm logs as events occur and transmits the information to the next shift. Ensures laundry exchanges are completed as scheduled.

Improves students’ independent living and self management skills: Holds group sessions at least bi weekly to address issues related to our students’ development. Develops and implements activities to support students’ independent living as discussed in the PRH Chapter 3 CSS – Independent Living. Actively participates in SGA residential committee. Monitors students who are involved in work based learning.

Maintains accurate record keeping: Students’ folders are present and updated, and contain, at a minimum, basic identifying information, including emergency contact, and written parental consent (minors) for weekend passes to approved destinations. Ensures that CIS is updated with accurate, current, and well written information as it relates to case notes, incident reports, ESPs PCDPs, etc. Dorm logs are updated regularly. Ensures that all supplies, equipment and other property are accurately accounted for and documentation is updated regularly.

Required Skills

High School Diploma or GED

Valid state driver’s license;

Job Location

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Position Type


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