Alutiiq Customer Service Representative Transport in Bethesda, Maryland

Customer Service Representative Transport

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Job Description

Position Overview:

The Customer Service Representative Transportation must be familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures for handling inquiries and customers' requests.

Primary/MajorDuties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions):

  • Be actively engaged and proactive in methods of meeting, greeting and assisting customers at their respective assignments.

  • Work under the direction of company supervisors and the Project Manager.

  • Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures for handling inquiries and customers' requests.

  • Provide proactive and immediate support to customers in their assigned areas.

  • Must possess a certain degree of creativity and latitude in handling difficult situations.

  • Escort and/or transport or arrange for the transport of customers attempting to meet appointments and those seeking directions.

  • Utilize best judgment and customer service practices accomplish customer satisfaction.

  • Shall have working knowledge of all necessary points of contact to problem solve and satisfy the customer expectations.

  • Assist with opening doors at the emergency rooms, medical swing spaces and other entryways.

  • Carry luggage, open door and contact the dispatcher for the transportation of people to other hospital locations when interacting with customers outside of the facility.

  • Contact the dispatcher to get a roving patrol (Rover), or make other arrangements when rover is not available, to take customers to their final destination when asked for directions within the facility.

  • Patient Transporters must be provided/maintained for specific locations at all times during working hours Work Hours/Location/Number of Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTEs) for more information).

  • Transport customers to various locations throughout the Vehicle must be maintained mechanically by the contractor and have appropriate insurance coverage; vehicles must be model year 2010 or newer, and have fewer than 99,000 miles on the Odometer.

  • Assist patients by providing courtesy transportation (when requested) to the Metro Rail Station which is off the

  • The contract personnel, using an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant vehicle provided by the contractor, will provide rides upon request to the main hospital from the entry control points and then back out to the entry control point upon their departure, as a convenience to the patient.

  • Any actions will be documented in the hardbound logbook and submitted in the Quarterly Contractor Report

  • Assist with the movement of patients into and out of wheelchairs; on to and off of wheeled stretcher beds

  • Ensure the safe handling, lifting, and movement of patients and other customers from clinical, ancillary and support areas via wheelchair, stretchers, van service or other mode of transportation within the hospital setting as requested (or necessary) to include the transport of patients with oxygen tanks, intravenous pumps, drips and special

  • Provide support for personnel located in the Fisher House, and Navy Lodge by providing transportation to and from the Fisher House to the Hospital. The contractor will furnish the vehicle for this requirement. These actions will be documented in the hardbound logbook and submitted in the Quarterly Contractor Report (see Section 1.26 - Deliverables).

  • Assist clinical personnel in transferring patients to or from beds and wheelchairs.

  • Notify the dispatcher to request another transporter if he/she will be unable to arrive within 15 minutes of the ready time.

  • Receive or deliver patients to their vehicle at any of the drive up entrances of the hospital and assists patients into or out of their vehicle.

  • Remain with the patient until their transportation has arrived.

  • Contract personnel will not be utilized to transport bleeding, sedated, or patients who are considered medically or mentally unstable. Additionally, patients in contact precautions are not to be transported by contractor personnel.

Required Skills

RequiredEducation and Experience:

  • At least one year of experience in the hospitality service industry or equivalent work experience.

  • Must be in good health and able to perform assigned duties without physical limitation.

  • Must successfully be able to complete skills training including but not limited to: oxygen transport, customer service, ergonometric and body mechanics, and proper hand washing techniques.

  • Must be able to communicate fluently in English and have the ability to comprehend verbal and/or written transport instruction.

  • Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel and have excellent customer service and communication skills.

Job Location

Bethesda, Maryland, United States

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