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Police Instructor - Potential Contract

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Job Description

Primary/Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The Instructor will lead law enforcement participants in the Polygraph Inconclusive Results Course. The purpose of this training is to improve the effectiveness and reliability of polygraph examinations used during Government of Mexico (GOM) integrity assessments within the Control de Confianza (vetting) system by providing current best practices in the use of risk assessment techniques. This will result in a reduction of the number of inconclusive examinations and improve the reliability of polygraph results.

Training will take place at GOM facilities in Mexico City and states within the Mexican Republic. DOS / INL will coordinate training sites and will provide training classroom seating, projectors, and classroom writing boards for classroom activities.

Required Skills

Required Education and Experience:

  • 10 years of professional law enforcement experience and international police experience;

  • (Military police, military intelligence, or intelligence community experience alone shall not qualify for police experience for the candidate for this contract)

  • Experience as polygraphist while employed by a U.S. law enforcement agency at the federal, state, or local level.

  • Must have a training certification, where one exists, that is recognized by the Government of Mexico;

  • Must be experienced in the topic of this course of instruction. Must have been recognized or accredited as polygraphist by a recognized polygraph body such as the APA, the American Association of Police Polygraphist (AAPP), or by the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Must have been recognized or accredited as polygraph instructors by an accredited U.S. polygraph body such as the NCAA or the APA.

  • The successful candidate shall also possess civilian federal, state or local law enforcement-intelligence experience in conducting similar or related activities;

  • Training certification, where one exists, that is recognized by the Government of Mexico;

  • Demonstrated ability to improvise, adapt, and persevere in a fluid environment, and under challenging circumstances;

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with high-ranking government officials in diplomatic and/or law enforcement environments;

  • Demonstrated experience in using management, interpersonal, and communications skills in a team environment, and professional law enforcement setting is preferred;

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. educational institution.

  • U.S. Citizenship status.

  • Spanish FSI level 4/4 or equivalent.

  • Experience with Mexican law enforcement agencies and/or Mexican polygraphists preferred.

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Mexico, , Mexico

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