Alutiiq Boiler Operator in Peoria, Illinois

Boiler Operator

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Job Description

The Boiler Operator operates, maintains, modifies, troubleshoots and repairs steam boilers, and hot water generators, distribution systems, components and accessories; provides necessary information on the proper uses of the equipment; and ensures adequate materials are available to complete assignments in a timely manner.


  • Operates, services, maintains and repairs boilers and heating plants to produce steam or high temperature water for use in an establishment

  • Stops and starts high pressure boilers, large tonnage chillers and large HP air compressors

  • Observes and interprets readings on gauges, meters, and charts which register various aspects of boiler operation

  • Adjusts controls to ensure safe and efficient boiler operation and to meet demands for steam or high temperature water

  • May also do one or more of the following: Maintains a log in which various aspects of boiler operation are recorded; cleans, oils, makes minor repairs to boiler room equipment; and following prescribed methods, treats boiler water with chemicals and analyzes boiler water for such things as acidity, causticity, and alkalinity

  • Orders supplies, equipment and tools for the purpose of ensuring adequate materials are available to complete assignments in a timely manner

  • Completes all job related paperwork and forms

  • Monitors work of vendors, performing quality control and oversight of boiler and steam work

  • Observes established safety procedures, rules and techniques, including wearing and using appropriate personal protection equipment; observes safety of others, and recommends precautionary action if necessary while repairs are in progress

  • Performs duties and responsibilities, which are project specific, per the attachment SITE SPECIFIC BOILER OPERATOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Performs related duties as assigned

Required Skills


  • Knowledge of Boiler and Safety controls, testing and operations

  • Knowledge of national and local codes controlling the construction, repairs, and operation of boilers and steam generation systems

  • Knowledge of pump maintenance and operation

  • Knowledge of computers, micro-processor technology with computer based building control systems (direct digital control), and computerized preventative maintenance programs

  • Ability to use: technical manuals, technical bulletins or manufacturer’s specifications

  • Ability to accurately read: measuring devices, testing equipment and or instruments

  • Ability to use hand and power tools, including test equipment (such as stack gas oxygen analyzer. Fyrite analyzer, Orsat analyzer, Rotometer flow meter, galvanometer, gas leak detector, gas calorimeter, pyrometer, etc.)

  • Ability to identify workplace hazards and /or unsafe conditions and take appropriate action to correct same

  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions

  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work

Required Experience


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Minimum of five (5) years as licensed Boiler Operator, responsible for safe operation and maintenance of a facility steam plant or facility

  • Current, valid Boiler Operators license

  • Must be willing to maintain plant or facility and equipment in a safe, clean and serviceable condition

  • Willingness to report for duty during emergencies or to cover shifts under short notice to ensure adequate staffing to operate the plant or facility

  • Must have and maintain a valid state driver’s license


  • Works inside the majority of the time, but may work outside in all types of weather; extreme heat and or cold temperatures at time

  • Work areas are primarily inside and may often be damp, hot, cramped, and noisy

  • Incumbent is subject to burns from steam systems and shocks from electrical wiring and equipment; subject to cuts, bruises, and scrapes

  • Requires physical agility and a moderate to high amount of strength in the use of wrenches to open valves, lifting items or loads up to 100 lbs., and the use of a variety of hand power tools

  • Also requires good corrected vision and mental alertness

  • Frequently climbs ladders, and involves constant bending, stooping, kneeling and working in cramped and unnatural positions; continued walking, standing, bending and lifting is required

  • Overtime and call-ins are expected periodically

Job Location

Peoria, Illinois, United States

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