Alutiiq Program Analyst IV SRF-JRMC C900 Support DPAS-FIAR in Yokosuka, United States

Program Analyst IV SRF-JRMC C900 Support DPAS-FIAR

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Job Description


The Contractor will perform the functions of collecting data, research, analysis, reporting, and developing synopsis and recommendations related to SRF-JRMC Production Department programs Code 900 of U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center, (SRF-JRMC), Yokosuka, Japan. The contractor performs a variety of selected standardized assignments consistent with effective, auditable financial management and oversight support functions under FMO/FIAR/DPAS programs described in the following.

The contractor conducts management surveys and research projects and provides advisory services on substantive issues of moderate scope and impact to assess the effectiveness of program operations. Develops measurement criteria, procedures, and instruments to meet the needs of assigned study. Researches and analyzes information and develops new information about the subject studied to clarify suspect results, not limited to General Equipment. Collects, reviews, evaluates, and interprets data. Provides status reports upon request. Presents findings, options, and recommendations, via briefings, power point reports, project papers, point papers, standard operating procedures, etc. Provides advice and recommendations on research techniques to other analysts. 20%

  • Instructions and DPAS Adherence.

The contractor performs supervisory duties on a regular and frequent basis. The contractor assists the Accountable Property Officer (APO) in the management and execution of policies and procedures for work involving the daily operations of Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) Inventory Accuracy and the Defense Logistics Agency DRMO/DLA. Provides broad administrative policy direction through discussions of program goals affecting the direction of the DPAS system. The contractor works under broad delegated authority for independently planning, scheduling, and coordinating, carrying out, and monitoring effectiveness of the programs, makes extensive technical judgments concerning the interpretation and implementation of existing Department of the Navy, SECNAV, PACFLT, NAVSUP policies. The contractor may help solve problems presented by property custodians. Advises the APO (C900W), Deputy/Department Director (C900D) on issues/concerns and presents corrective action reports and plans as they pertain to DPAS Program. Maintains day to day operations of the DPAS system. 20%

  • Inventory

The contractor functions in the capacity as a program analyst for initiatives, and programs related to financial material (inventory) accounting and causative research analysis that directly affect the DPAS Inventory Accuracy. Assist in projects outlining the objectives, requirements, time constraints, financial controls and general approach to be followed in execution of the DON FIAR / FMO Audit readiness program. Supports the Personal Property Management Project progress, reviews and evaluate accomplishments, provides consultation advice on book-to-floor and floor-to-book inventory accuracy program technical matters, project direction, technical assistance, and resolves issues with regards to project completion and implementation. Advises and reports to the APO (C900W) on current and anticipated problems, program status, logistic issues, and managerial/administrative issues and as they apply to the DPAS Program Incumbent establishes parameters and criteria for generating Business Objects Reports (BO) reports from data concerning personal property aspects of Material Management and the effects such data has on inventory accuracy. Is required to possess a wide knowledge of supply principles, concepts, and methods of logistics and supply program operations. The contractor must be knowledgeable of the data structure and systems used by SRF-JRMC. 20%

  • Asset/Equipment Life Cycle.

The contractor plant property duties include visual inspections including but not limited to: receipt or transfer of asset or equipment over $5000, purchase orders, invoices, and receiving reports, and profiles stored on Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS). Ensure via surveillances and audits that transfer of items to and from commands are accomplished via DD Form 1149 and 1150 to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or Quality Recycling Yard. Ensure setting of capital assets for depreciation for equipment that value over 1,000,000 dollars. 20%

The contractor will develop verbal and written reports of analysis and provide to Production Officer, APO, Department Heads, Group Masters, and Property Custodians. Support development and revision of training related to personal property instructions, processes, and positions. Communicate effectively orally via meetings and presentations and in writing via informal surveillance reports, reports, spreadsheets, and similar formats. 10%

  • Primary Focus.

The Contractor will utilize computer systems and programs such as: Microsoft Office, Defense Property Accounting System, Adobe Acrobat, and Access are preferred. Knowledge of Equipment Maintenance Management System, Shop Material database and supporting development of other local programs and systems in the performance of duties.

The contractor will accomplish similar functions and tasks for other production department programs and processes as identified to support needs of current climate.

The contractor shall review, analyze, and evaluate current procedures and system data to provide recommendations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the SRF-JRMC IPE acquisition, registration and disposal. Contractor primary focus will be in the collection and analysis of specifically IPE/GE receipt processing and registration of new equipment.

Required Skills

  • Contractor is required to possess the necessary U.S. Navy shipyard repair supply technical; property and equipment control experience and knowledge to successfully carry out tasks.

  • Contractor shall be able to utilize the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS)

  • Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this position requires U.S. Citizenship status.

  • Must have obtained a favorably adjudicated National Agency Check with Local Agency and Credit Checks (T3) determination.

  • Ability to deal with a variety of people in a professional and courteous manner in diversified situations.

  • Must possess the ability to perform assigned work tasks without supervision.

Job Location

Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

Position Type


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